The first personalized and automated oral care system

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Getting Proclaim starts with a digital scan of your mouth

The system includes a 3D scan of your mouth, using cutting-edge digital technology. Our team will assist you in locating a dental professional nearby.

Custom-Jet Mouthpiece

Each mouthpiece is uniquely engineered and custom fit for precision cleaning every time

Personalized with up
to 60 targeted jets
Using patented design software, an expert technician places each jet so it points between your teeth at just the right angle to effectively blast away plaque and bacteria.

Hydro Station

The Hydro Station connects with your custom mouthpiece to deliver the ideal pressure of pulsing water directly between your teeth and below the gumline in just 7 seconds

Engineered for ease
and effectiveness
With the touch of a button, our proprietary motor and pump send pressurized water through the hydro line and help direct it into every channel of your custom mouthpiece.

Proclaim Oral Infusion

Elevate your 7 second treatment with our Oral Infusion for the most refreshing experience

Feel confident every day
Our ultra concentrated Proclaim Oral Infusion is made for use through the custom-jet system for fresh breath and an exhilarating minty, tingly experience.