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ProclaimTM Custom-Jet Oral Health System brings together the latest in digital 3D scanning, 3D printing, and advanced fluid dynamics to create the world’s first and only custom fit, fully-automated at-home oral care solution. This breakthrough system, when paired with brushing, has been clinically shown to reduce gum disease in as little as 15 days.

Integrating intraoral scanning + advanced CAD software + 3D printing, Proclaim raises the bar with up to 60 custom jets to blast away food and bacteria in just 7 seconds.

A photo of the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System
Product is not yet commercially available

Easily cleans where brushing and flossing struggle to reach

Proclaim precisely positions up to 60 pressurized jets to target between your teeth and below your gumline, providing a 360 degree deep cleaning.

Get ready to smile more

Our fully automated, at-home, custom-jet oral health system is customized to your specific mouth to deliver fast, effective, and professional-level cleaning with proven results.

A photo of the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System
Fight gum disease in just 7 seconds a day!

Proclaim’s custom mouthpiece is uniquely fit to your mouth. At the push of a button, you'll feel an exhilarating rush of water as 60 pressurized jets expertly remove food and bacteria between teeth and below the gumline, delivering a 360-degree deep clean.

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When will Proclaim be available?

Pre-orders for the device will open up in mid-2023.

What will the price be?

Final pricing will be announced when pre-orders become available.

Is Proclaim a product intended to be used in an office setting or within the home?

Our product is made for in-home daily use.

Is this a product others in my household could also use?

Yes! While every Proclaim user will need their own mouthpiece to ensure a customized fit, mouthpieces are interchangeable and easy to swap out with our base unit!

If I purchase Proclaim, do I still need to brush my teeth?

Yes, you still need to brush, but our Custom-Jet Oral Health System provides the most effective, fastest, and easiest professional-level care in just 7 seconds. Proclaim provides an automated, exhiliarating, mess-free clean, all at the push of a button.

Do I have to get scanned by a professional in an office, or can I use an at home impression kit?

Scanning for your mouthpiece will be done by a trained dental professional at Proclaim partner location using a digital 3D intraoral scanner. Proclaim does not accept at-home impression kits.

How does digital 3D intraoral scanning work?

3D intraoral scanning technology eliminates the need for unpleasant substances that a patient needs to bite down on to obtain a physical impression. This digital process creates accurate results while providing a quicker, more comfortable experience for patients.

Is Proclaim FDA approved/cleared?

Yes, our device is registered as a class one medical device with the FDA.

Is FRESH Health the same thing as Proclaim?

FRESH Health is our company name, and the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System is our initial product name and descriptor.