• Healthier teeth and gums in just 7 seconds a day

Game-changing oral health at the push of a button

Brushing alone is not enough for your best health

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deep clean
“The most important innovation I’ve ever seen in dentistry.”

Dr. Robert Eber

Clinical Professor
Director of Clinical Research
University of Michigan School of Dentistry

The first and only professional level clean at home, in just 7 seconds

Proclaim engineers a personalized mouthpiece with up to 60 jets precisely targeted between teeth & under the gumline.
A single hydro station allows seamless swapping of mouthpieces for multiple users
Fully automated for quick and easy use with just the push of a button.
Pulses 22 oz of water through your mouthpiece in just 7 seconds. Add Proclaim Oral Infusion for a minty, tingly experience that lasts.

Easily blasts away food and bacteria where brushing and flossing struggle to reach

Up to 60 precisely placed jets clean between the teeth and below the gumline for a healthier more confident smile without the hassle or mess.

Clinically proven to improve oral health in less than 30 days

10X more effective at reducing gum bleeding*


A custom mouthpiece made just for you

An exhilarating, unlike anything else experience

A rendering showing how the custom jets clean teeth by pushing water between the teeth and under the gumline
Enjoy the sensation of custom, precision clean
Add the Proclaim Oral Infusion for an even more refreshing minty, tingly experience.

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